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Ike Rahimi, DMD
Dentist/ Owner

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, I returned to California to attend to the failing health of my father. I worked in many different places but mainly devoted my time to non-profit clinics in smaller rural areas, which allowed me time to be closer to my family, as well as work with those who did not have the benefits of living in a large city. After a few years of working for other dentists, it was time to have my own office. I considered many different towns for my practice but Placerville caught my eye because of its hard-working people, beautiful landscape and close proximity to Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

Today, as I look back at my history; where I came from, the people I have met in my journeys, and so on, I can say that I am truly blessed. I have taken the best of two cultures and used them every day to better my life and the lives of others. Life is what you make of it and this is very true of my own life. Each and every day that I work, I give thanks to what I’ve learned over the years and sincerely enjoy interacting with people.

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Office Manager/RDA

Rachel moved to Georgetown from Southern California with her family in 1987. She has been with Dr. Rahimi since 2007. She loves living and working in a small town and connecting with the community. Rachel enjoys seeing all the familiar faces and all the new ones too. She likes to help patients feel comfortable so they have a pleasant dental experience.  In dentistry since 2002


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Marcia is a native to this area. She was born in Placerville and raised in Pollock Pines. She moved to the Bay Area as an adult, but came back to this area in 2016. She loves the friendly, small town feel of Placerville and is excited to be working in her hometown. She loves getting to know the patients and helping them learn about their oral health.  In dentistry since 2018

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Julie has been a dental hygienist for 25 years. She loves teaching prevention, getting to know her patients and inspiring health.  She is passionate about continuing education and intrigued by physiology. Julie believes being a part of this dental team empowers her, as well as, her ability to provide her patients with the service that they deserve. In dentistry since 1995