Dr. Ike Rahimi DDS, DMD (DENTIST)

Ike Rahimi, DMD

After graduating From The University of Pennsylvania Dental School, I returned to California to attend to the failing health of my father. I worked in many different places, but mainly devoted my time to non-profit clinics in smaller rural areas, which allowed me time to be closer to my family, as well as work with those who did not have the benefits of living in a large city. After a few years of working for other dentists it was time to have my own office. I considered many different towns for my practice but Placerville caught my eye because of its hard working people, beautiful landscape and close proximity to Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.
Today, as I look back at my history; where I came from, the people I have met in my journeys, and so on, I can say that I am truly blessed. I have taken the best of two cultures and used them every day to better my life and the lives of others. Life is what you make of it and this is very true of my own life. Each and every day that I work, I give thanks to what I've learned over the years and sincerely enjoy interacting with people.

Rachel, Registered Dental Assistant

Rachel, Office Manager/RDA

My name's Rachel. I love working for Dr. Rahimi for several different reasons. Dr. Rahimi keeps our office updated with the best technology and staff is trained to better treat patients with the right care. We are down to earth people and able to work well together, making the practice run smoother.
The things I'm most passionate about are my kids, family, friends, my career, and being true to who you are. The words I live by are: "treat others how you want to be treated, work hard, and try to always do the right thing'.

RDA, Dental Assistant

Nichole, RDA

Hi, I'm Nichole! I enjoy snowboarding and spending time with my daughter in my free time. Dr. Ike's office is a great place to be exposed to new things and learn new skills. I look forward to helping serve dental patients in Placerville and El Dorado county.

Marcia Egan

 Marcia, RDH

Hi all! I love being a dental hygienist and am excited to be a part of the team at Dr. Rahimi's office! I love coming in to work every day - learning, growing and especially serving our patients! In my free time, I love to travel the world, check out local wineries, hike and spend time with family and friends.

Julie Sarla, Dental Hygienist

Julie, RDH

My name is Julie Sarlan. As a dental hygienist, I love teaching prevention, getting to know my patients and inspiring health. I am passionate about continuing education and intrigued by physiology. I am so excited to be a part of Dr Rahimi’s dental team!

I have been practicing dental hygiene for 25 years. I am grateful to have had opportunities to specialize in Periodontics, Cosmetic dentistry and TMJ disorders, over the years.I believe this dental team empowers me, as well as, my ability to provide my patients with the service that they deserve.

When I am away from the dental office, I love being anywhere in nature with my family!

There is so much to explore, so close to home. We have not run out of adventures yet. My latest personal challenge is trying to keep up with my family on a mountain bike. At this point I will be happy to build up to half of the endurance my teenagers have but, I hope one day they may be trying to catch up with me.