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Orthodontist: Braces and Invisalign

this image shows the braces and invisalign

When it comes to orthodontist, we at Mallard Lane Dental are the real deal. As the leading dental group in Placerville, we have always been dedicated to more than just giving people beautiful smiles. To us, it is also about caring for our patients and their experience, which makes us the most sought-after and go-to dental group for orthodontics.

If you have a need for our orthodontists, you can drop us a call through (530) 622-0701. Talk to us today and let us get you or your children orthodontic makeovers with braces, retainers, and invisalign.

Why Try Mallard Lane Dental

Apart from being the most comprehensive dental group, we also have some of the best dentists in Placerville. With years of combined experience, we have everything it takes to give your teeth a makeover even after it has been ruled out by other centers. We base our reputation on:

Exceptional Experience

Every client’s experience matters the most to us. We have a tendency of putting your experience before everything else and care about all our patients as people first. Since they are all human to us and not just bringing a set of problematic teeth, jaws, and gums, we always endeavor to treat them as such.



Our braces and the entire orthodontics are affordable and would not force you to break a bank. This is founded on our need to make you happy and excited about your new smile rather than getting worried about financing.

Community Focus

Our most effective focus has always been on the Placerville community. Since we belong here, we have made it our duty to have charity begin at home and treat every client from Placerville as one of our ours before heading out of the locality.

Dedicated Team and Stunning Results

Our team is just like that; dedicated. This allow our dentists to focus on the most significant bits about our clients which ensures that we give stunning results all through.

If you are not sure of whether you or your children need braces, you can talk directly to our experts. Call our main telephone line (530) 622-0701 and book an appointment with an expert dentist today for such inquiries.

Orthodontics Makeovers

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