Mallard Lane Dental provides many kinds of comprehensive dental services:

General Hygiene, Cleaning, Dentistry, Exams

Hygiene, Cleaning, Exams

Cleanings and periodontal treatment, personalized hygiene education.

Tooth and Teeth Whitening, Coffeee, Tea, Wine Stain Bleaching and Removal

Bleaching (Whitening)

Whitening: in-office treatment, take home kits, trays and refill gels.

Tooth and Teeth Porcelain Fillings, Composites, Matching Crowns

Fillings & Crowns

Natural looking, high-quality fillings and crowns.

Sedation, Anxiety and Fear Management in Dentistry, Careful Dentists

Sedation Dentistry

We have helped thousands of fearful patients and no fear is too great for us.

Top and Bottom Braces, Invisalign, Clear Braces, Metal Braces, Repairing Retainers


Traditional, Invisalign

Preventive sealants and resins to protect teeth.

Preventative, Resins, Sealants

Prevent staining and decay, slow cavity formation, and protect newly formed teeth.

Remove Wisdom Teeth, Impacted teeth, Tooth Extractions

Oral Surgery

Bone and gum grafts, impacted teeth and extractions.

Cosmetic Dentists and Hygiene

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve the visual appearance of teeth. Implants, resins, fillings, and whitening can be used together to create a glamorous smile.

Natural looking Porcelain Custom Implants and Crowns

Implants & Crowns

The best way to replace missing teeth!

Veneers, Bonding, Filings, Composites

Veneers & Bonding

For broken, chipped, cracked or thin teeth.

Fixed Bridges, False Teeth, Dentures, Partials

Fixed Bridges

For missing teeth where implants cannot be placed or cost is a factor.

General Dentist for Family, Kids, Children, Teenagers, and Seniors

General Dental Care

Reliable dental care and services from a team you can trust.